Asieh Amiri


 My art reflects my thoughts and feelings I have about the world around me. I first picked up a paintbrush when I was growing up in Iran. A renowned artist taught me from Iran, Morteza Katouzian. I learned from him the techniques that make a painting great and I also learned from him a sense of why I paint. While living in Milwaukee I attended the Milwaukee Art Institute of Art and Design. There I learned a great deal about how to incorporate a modern style with traditional style. When I place the brush or the pencil on an empty space I want to fill that space with my feelings and thoughts. Art is the best means I have to tell how I feel.

I want my art to shows strong features and strong characters. The themes range from strong women characters to bright vibrant flowers. With figures, I used expressions their faces to catch the emotion. I think it is hard for artist to capture most of these emotional expressions but with the techniques that I have learned, I believe I am able to portray people the way a camera might catch a moment in time.