James Dallas

Artist Statement

  James Dallas’ “Dayscapes” consist of art work created on the computer with the use of original hand drawings and photography. His meticulously crafted works meld sound, abstraction on and locations. The artist gets his inspiration and imagery from the Koran, the Bible, jazz music, architecture, sky and space and the objects that fill it. His works are boldly expressive and deeply introspective.  

About the Artist

  James Dallas is a Milwaukee-based composer, visual artist, saxophonist and writer who produces music and visual and digital images for web application, video installation, cd recordings and live performance. He has a B.A. in graphic design from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. His work artistically includes digital imaging web design, oil painting, poster and digital art. His early artistic training came from his sister Lourine and brother Calvin. Noted Milwaukee artist Sylvester Sims helped helped James refine his drawing and painting skills.