Mark Buku

About the Artist


Born to artistic parents, I consequently took my artistic inspiration from my home and social milieu. My perception of the world around me sharpened and I became critical of the world around me. However, my academic training could not obliterate my earlier vision. Before I enrolled in the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi where I obtained a BA (art) Honors in 1994, I had already sold a number of paintings. I continued with a postgraduate program and obtained an MFA degree, specializing in Painting in the same university in 1997. I am presently undertaking a research in Studio Practice at the University of Education, Winneba.

My works cover both ends of the art spectrum-representation and abstraction. Synthesis of these develops with the use of figures, integrating formal components, traditional African motives and myths and all other components of art as they naturally come to me. My experiences and perceptions culminate into emotions, resulting in a tender and passionate temperament that find expression on the canvas and other materials used. In doing this, certain ideological, intellectual and formal concerns are shared. Emotions and thoughts sought visual devices and vocabularies, thus developing a symbolic technique which defines my world of art. I express myself in watercolor, oil, acrylics and recycle materials.

Artist Statement


My work makes an insight into social, political and cultural issues through intellectual and aesthetic exercise drawing primary inspirations from my African history and heritage. I engage whatever subject matter comes to me and its treatment does not obliterate my concept of visual construction. In art I find expression of my narrations and views, immortalizing what are normally overlooked in everyday life. I make use of simple and familiar elements of life in my work.

Contrast and contradictions, which resonate and restore order and harmony in nature, are the concrete components of creative trajectory which direct my artistic ambitions and capabilities. This is aptly demonstrated in my juxtaposition of light and shade as well as contrasting colors to achieve my design disposition in art. I have found in recent times a new intersection between painting and sculpture. From this will evolve new areas of creative works.


Selected Exhibitions Awards


1992 Beautiful Ghana
1993 Eu Art Show
1995 Paintertives
1995 High Art, Low Art
1997 Prekese
2000 Colores Of Ghana
2001 Transformation
2003 Sound Of Clor
2004 Transition
2005 New Works-Buku
2013 Sound Of MusicShangrila Hotel, Accra
National Museum, Accra
Golde Tulip Hotel, Accra
National Theatre, Accra
National Museum, Accra
African Gallery, Chicago IL
Whispers Gallery, Barbados
Galleria Africana, Accra
L’ Acra, Benin
Rosenthal Gallery, FSU, Fayetteville NCEU Art Competition, 3rd Prize, 1993
The Prestigious Bartimeus Award, 2000


Vermont Studio Center, 2000


Wall of Heroes, Fayetteville NC