About the Artist


Michael Delgado is an African-American artist who creates mass media art. He has been an artist for sixteen years. He’s originally from Africa, but he moved at the age of 19 and lived in Europe for nine years. Africa has inspired Mr. Delgado to create unique works. He taught himself to create art. “I always knew I was going to be an artist,” Delgado stated. His relationship with the environment also inspires him when creating his work. “I like to explore a lot to find out things and get a better picture of life,” he said. Delgado has won a lot of awards but the one that stands out to him the most is the award that he received at a museum in Miami, where he won $15,000. He usually paints really fast using amino paint and wet paint. He usually puts calcium, then prime, then paint in his works. It takes him four days to complete a piece. He uses strong colors for his works: “Red is the color of the Earth. It goes with everything and its sits with everything.” 

 One of his most famous pieces would be the series of bunk beds. The bunk beds were a big thing for Delgado because back in Africa he had to sleep in one. Back in Africa, Delgado’s house flooded once and the bunk bed was the only think that was left that really meant a lot to him. Barb wire is one prop that Michael usually uses in his work because it symbolizes boundaries that he has to set for his self. “I have always had big space in my life, so I emphasize that,” he said. Michel Delgado has a gallery in Key West where he displays some of his works. His artworks usually range in price from $500 to $2,000; it all depends on how bad the person wants the work! The works that he sells are usually for the visionary art people. Delgado also creates shirts by screen-printing them. 

  (By T. Powell. Excerpted from writeup on the World Wide Web. The author apparently did this for his creative writing magnet school in Tuscaloosa, Ala. The article is dated Oct. 31, 2011 and was prompted by Delgado’s exhibit at an art fair in the area.)