Gallery Night July 2oth 2018

Verinia Glass, Kelly Pritchard, Ruben, Richard Allen.

Gallery Night July 20th 2018

Artist Speaks: Natalia Virafuentes

Gallery NIght Recap July 20th 2018

Gallery Night July 2oth 2018

Osman Brothers

The brothers are Abdulahi, 21; Abdurahim, 20; Abdulfatah, 18, and Abdikudus, 17.

The family fled Somalia after gunmen burst into their Mogadishu home and killed their father because he refused to shut down an art school he had started. The family eventually landed in Sheboygan.


Francis Annan Affotey - Small Originals

Francis Annan Affotey (Af-foe-TAY) is a rising star in the art world. Born and raised in Accra, Ghana, he has made a home for himself in America, in a burg on a Great Lake: Milwaukee. These 12 delightful works are an affordable way to own an Annan original.The paint is textured, and the layered framing (with mats) is all part of the art. 

  If you have any questions about the art, feel free to call us at 414-220-4355 or e-mail us at

Works from Gallery Night July 20th 2018

“Rehab Moths,” an acrylic on canvas painting by Kelly Pritchard

A shadow gives Count Orlok a light in this acrylic painting on wood by Natalia Virafuentes.

“Abraham Lincoln,” a pencil on paper sketch by Somalian refugee Abdulfatah Osman.

Metal trees forged by Milwaukee welder James Binnamin.


Natalia Virafuentes

I have been drawing since I was little. I would take drawing classes after school at Blaine Elementary. Once I was in Lake View high school, I started attending Marwen classes. That is where I found myself becoming more interested in painting. To me, painting opened up a new world of being free and just experimenting. 

Rozalia Singh

My name is Rozalia Singh, my nickname is Aya. I started drawing from a young age. My father, Reynaldo Hernandez, is my mentor. Growing up he was expecially tough on me when it came to art. I'm grateful as I have gained a keen eye and learned many tricks of the trade.

Verinia Glass

 Verinia Glass, who grew up in Gary, IN, came to Milwaukee to attend the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, from which she graduated. She majored in time-based media and animation and minored in illustration. She does portraiture and exaggerated illustrations.  








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